Notube contest 2019

Winner: Matthias Pitscher

Video: MVI 9641

The Jury

The final and ultimate edition of the NoTube Contest was won by Matthias Pitscher with the video MVI 9641. A tough challenge, with thousands, or maybe millions, of submissions. The voting process and award ceremony took place at DAS Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali in Bologna (Italy) on 9th November 2019. The winner received a printed catalogue with all the winning NoTube videos of the previous editions. Matthias was asked to write down the URL of MVI 9641 in the final page. A publication that marks the end of a decade of valueless investigations on the dark side of YouTube.


Participant: Raffael Dörig

Video: MOV 0000012

Participant: Chiara Fumagalli

Video: 126

Participant: Sofia Braga

Video: Ololo