Bifo: "From any point of view this is the most effective, which means the most unreadable, the most a-significant, which means the best expression of the present, which means the best expression of “nothing”. Nothing is the core of it: darkness and a small light, which are neither hope, nor a possibility or a way out, but just nothing. By a philosophical point of view this is the deepest nothing I ever saw. Especially because all this happens in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and this is absolutely evident reading the image, which is dark" Patrick Lichty: "When considering the finalists, I found it difficult to evaluate in terms of utter valuelessness, abjection, and non descriptness. Anything with a figure in it engendered far too much affect or desire to contextualize the mis en scene. The winner, “Too Late in Tel Aviv" gave just enough information to establish a theme, but gave absolutely no context nor real visual information to give it any depth" Konrad Becker: "Hardly visual information, and mysterious - the drawback is that it provides a descriptive title - but the transcript of conversation adds extra meaninglessness..."

NoTube Contest


The NotubeContest is back, now in a new format.
Go on youtube, find a valueless video and submit it to
Make sure the video meets the notube's criteria:
1) No reason to make it
2) No reason to publish it
3) No reason to watch it
The NoTube videos should have no value whatsoever!

Then go on, and watch, like, share, tweet, +1, adn vote the Notube Videos.
But remember, the more you vote the more the video goes down.
Bifo Is a philosopher, media-theorist and activist. He took part in Radio Alice, the first pirate radio in Italy (1976-78), in the Autonomia movement and the Telestreet project. He co-founded the e-zine Rekombinant. Authors of several books, he teaches Social History of Communication at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy.
Patrick Lichty is a conceptually-based artist, writer, curator, and activist. He has been exhibiting internationally since 1990, and is best known for his 3D animations with the activist group The Yes Men, and as Editor in-Chief of Intelligent Agent Magazine in New York City. He is currently a member of the faculty of the Interactive Art & Media Department of Columbia College, Chicago
Konrad Becker is an author, artist, composer and producer. In 1979 he founded Monoton, a seminal electronic music project. Director and co-founder of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0 and of Public Netbase (1994-2006), he initiated and runs World-Information Institute, a cultural intelligence agency. More recently, he founded the Global-Security-Alliance . Recent book publications include: "Strategic Reality Dictionary" (2009) and "Deep Search" (2009)