Notube contest 2010

Winner: Matthieu Grimault

Video: "Too late night in Tel Aviv"

The Jury

The 2010 winner was Matthieu Grimault with the video ‘Too Late Night in Tel Aviv’, chosen by a special jury composed by Konrad Becker, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi and Patrick Lichty.

Franco Berardi Bifo

From any point of view this is the most effective, which means the most unreadable, the most a-significant, which means the best expression of the present, which means the best expression of “nothing”. Nothing is the core of it: darkness and a small light, which are neither hope, nor a possibility or a way out, but just nothing. By a philosophical point of view this is the deepest nothing I ever saw. Especially because all this happens in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and this is absolutely evident reading the image, which is dark

Patrick Lichty

When considering the finalists, I found it difficult to evaluate in terms of utter valuelessness, abjection, and non descriptness. Anything with a figure in it engendered far too much affect or desire to contextualize the mis en scene. The winner, “Too Late in Tel Aviv" gave just enough information to establish a theme, but gave absolutely no context nor real visual information to give it any depth

Konrad Becker

"Hardly visual information, and mysterious - the drawback is that it provides a descriptive title - but the transcript of conversation adds extra meaninglessness...


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