Notube contest 2011

Winner: Kasia Cieplak-Mayr Von Baldegg

Video: "Ignazio: 41"

The Jury

The 2011 edition featured a ground-breaking online voting system where only the least shared videos made it to the finals. The winner was Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg from Washington (DC), and the special jury was composed by Marisa Olson, Constant Dullaart and Geoff Cox.

Marisa Olson

"I find the prospect of hunting for meaninglessness a rather futile exercise, both because the more open-ended the video, the more room there is for the viewer to project onto the work, and because approaching a piece with an agenda automatically inscribes the possibility of what you seek onto the object. It's like the physicist or anthropologist whose act of observation inherently skews what they observe. I tried my best to pretend I was just watching these videos on my own, with no score or context attached to them. My votes stem from the decision that I had to attempt to eschew anything with the slightest bit of potential narrative "value." Of course they all have some, but this was the best I could do given that we're dealing with time-based media whose availability to us is predicated on a cause/effect relationship."

Geoff Cox

"If there is always waste produced in the valorization process, our video of choice expresses this in the extreme. It comes close to pure rubbish, and in this sense can be seen to paradoxically express something profound about user-generated content on the social web in general. Many congratulations to the winner!"

Constant Dullaart

"Very hard to say something about something after having selected it on the criterium that it is devoid of any reason to say something about it."

Autistic Formula 1

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